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Chicken Kiev November 8, 2020

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Before we delve into Chicken Kiev, let’s remember some of the great international classic chicken dishes that we have done in the past.  These are wonderful, proven recipes that you ought to try:

Indian Butter Chicken

West Indian Chicken Curry

Umbrian Style Chicken Cacciatore

Shanghai Chicken Fried Rice

Classic Coq au Vin

Arroz con Pollo – The Latin American Classic

Coming soon are two more international stars: Coronation Chicken from Britain and Chicken Pad Thai from Thailand.

We will continue the international theme now with a great Russian favorite, Chicken Kiev.


Indian Butter Chicken November 9, 2019

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Indian Butter Chicken

Some of the world’s great cuisines are in Asia – Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Indian.  Most of use spend too little time on these great cooking traditions.  In some cases, we have trouble finding and understanding the ingredients, but mostly we are afraid to step out of our comfort zone.  A good way to start experimenting with Asian cuisines is to try an easy to make classic that is not too dissimilar to American or European dishes.  Indian Butter Chicken is a perfect candidate – not too spicy with tomatoes and chicken as the main ingredients.


West Indian Chicken Curry with Roti or Naan November 20, 2013

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West Indian Chicken Curry

West Indian Chicken Curry

The former British colonies in the Caribbean, especially Guyana and Trinidad have some of the world’s best Indian food.  The reason is simple – nearly half of the population of those two countries is Indian.  How this happened is more complicated. (more…)

Mom’s Chicken Pot Pie November 5, 2013

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Mom's Chicken Pot Pie
Mom’s Chicken Pot Pie

My mother recently passed away.  She was 91 and lived a rich, full life.  She was a great cook and is certainly one of the reasons I spend so much time in the kitchen.  A few years ago, she collected her favorite recipes as well as the favorite family recipes of her parents and her extended family (three children and 12 grandchildren).  She found photos of each of the family members to put beside the recipes with some comments by her.  Everything was copied and bound in handmade, padded binders.  Everyone got a copy – very cool.  This was one of the recipes from the “Family Cookbook”. 


Classic Chicken Cacciatore – Umbrian Style October 25, 2013

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Umbrian Style Chicken Cacciatore

Umbrian Style Chicken Cacciatore

Those of you who have read the posts from our trip to Italy and especially Umbria might remember that our cooking instructor showed us how to make classic chicken cacciatore  (see Cooking Lessons in Umbria).  I gave a brief description of the dish but not a complete recipe.  I have now tried this on my own and can now tell you exactly how to make this great dish. (more…)

Six-Pack Chicken – An American Classic June 15, 2012

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Six-Pack Chicken

I wanted to continue with our series on French Classics, but I have run out of things that I know how to make.  I usually like to make a dish at least twice so that I can proceed to talk like the renowned expert that I am, but I’m going through a period of laziness and can’t get up for Vol Au Vent.  This languor made me think of Andy’s Six Pack Chicken, a wonderful slow method of making that great American Classic – BBQ Chicken.

Summertime, sunshine and weekends seem to make guys think of firing up the grill and drinking some beer.  This recipe is the perfect answer to that urge and creates some special fun – women get a chance to complain about the beer drinking and the men get to smile at each other and continue dong what they “damn well please”, while having good reason to do so. (more…)

Classic Coq Au Vin March 24, 2012

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Coq Au Vin

The French – love ‘em or hate ‘em – are very cool.  They use wine in everything – and why not – they are still the best producer of quality wines in the world.  They have also somehow convinced us use the names of their dishes without any translation – like Coq Au Vin.  This is a classic chicken dish cooked in red wine with a sexy name that we all know.  Maybe the sexy name helps, but – make no mistake about it – this dish really is a classic and the audience will go wild when you serve it to them. (more…)


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