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The Cupcake – Definitely an American Classic May 25, 2012

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As you know, I’m hooked on classics.  How can you call yourself a Bravado chef if you can’t prepare some of the great dishes from time past?   I’ve been working on French classics, but we’re visiting grandchildren who are interested in cooking but are not responding to Vol au Vent or Escargots, two that we might have tackled.  The whole French thing was getting no traction with the younger set. (more…)

The Classic Tarte Tatin November 4, 2011

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Tarte Tatin

Bravado cooking is about many things – making things from scratch, taking whatever time is required because your guests really are important, finding ways to drink good wine while you cook and – the subject of this post – showing respect for the classics.  If we can’t remember, understand the history and prepare the classic dishes, we are nowhere.  One of the classic desserts of all time is the Tarte de Demoiselles Tatin and it starts with a paté brisée, which is the same thing as our One-Handed Pie Crust, which you might want to review now – without repeating some of Howard’s antics (see Use Extreme Caution). (more…)

Pâte Brisée – The One-Handed Pie Crust September 23, 2011

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Homemade Piecrust

Late one night – about 1:00AM – I was awakened by an urgent knock at the door of my hotel room.  It was Bob in only his Jockey shorts.  He claimed he took the wrong turn coming out of the bathroom and ended up in the hall without a key.  I was with him earlier and drinking should be mentioned as part of the background.  His room was on a different floor and he had to take the elevator to my room – luckily he saw no one.  I gave him some clothes – but no shoes – and he trundled off barefoot to explain things to the front desk.

Well, many of us would rather be caught in a hotel corridor in our underwear rather than attempt to make a piecrust.  Nothing could be sillier since it is very easy to do and very Bravado.

I learned to make piecrust, or pate brisée, from Julia Child – from her book, that is.  She suggests making the piecrust with one hand like the true connoisseurs in France.  The very first time I tried this technique, I realized what Julia was really thinking.


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