Canadian Cuisine – We’ve Unleashed a Monster!

As we have said before, men think about sex an average of 72 times per day.  As part of our program to try to focus on a few other things, let’s look at how we treat our Canadian neighbors.  Most of us don’t even know who their Prime Minister is.  Click here to find out who he is and see his 9/11speech:

We also don’t understand their cuisine.  In a recent post (“Canadian Cuisine – Oxymoron or Not” Sept. 9, 2011), we poked fun at Poutine, one of their national dishes – a Quebecois concoction of French fries, cheese curds and gravy.  The Canadians describe the dish as a “heart-stopper”, which I actually thought that was a tall busty blonde in high heels until they corrected me.

We also received a number of comments on American cuisine, which I should have expected – most are unprintable and probably from people who have been playing too much hockey.  Anyway, we decided to delve further and keyed in “Poutine” on Google Images.  In 0.8 sec. we had 626,000 results!  Wow, this thing is bigger than we thought.  It turns out that that our friends to the north don’t stop with the standard fare – they add all sorts of things.  Two of my favorites are shown below, Poutine with Fried Egg and Sweet Potato Poutine with Cheese Curds, Gravy and LOBSTER!

Poutine with Fried Egg

Sweet Potato Poutine with Lobster

If you want to see a great short video about making Poutine, go to the following:

We will be travelling to Canada in October and will prepare this dish en situ with our Canadian friends.

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  1. You are forgetting the Classics – BEER AND DONUTS and BACKBACON SANDWICHES!!!

    Recently at the “EX” here in Toronto (Canadian National Exhibition), a Donut – burger was served at the Food Pavillion which received good reviews from the food critic at the Toronto Star.–carnival-cuisine-that-s-worth-the-calories

    Now, I have personally dined with the author at Eigensinn Farms in Singhampton, Ontario, so I know that he has had better “Canadian Cuisine” than Poutine. But I also know that he had quite a bit of wine at that dinner so maybe some of the details are fuzzy!!

    If you are in Toronto don’t forget to visit CANOE, a restaurant that serves “gourmet Canadian food” in the downtown area and do not EVER try seal flipper pie, even if made with one-handed pie crust it is truly terrible!!!

    We now have a Canadian franchise that specializes in Poutine “Smoke’s Poutinerie” have some on the way back from dinner at Canoe,because you won’t be full yet!!!

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