Bill Turner, Founder and Elite-Level Bravado Chef

Bill Turner, Founder and Elite-Level Bravado Chef

Bill is the founder of Bravado Cooking.  After decades (seemingly) of impressing his wife, friends, and family with his flair-filled dinner parties, he realized it was time to let the whole world know about his cooking philosophy:

People will think you are a great chef as long as you keep telling them that you are.

When Bill isn’t dreaming of Bravado Cooking’s inaugural cookbook, he can often be found stirring a mouth-watering risotto with a glass of wine in the other hand, while seamlessly discussing politics and religion with his dinner guests.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meet our other Founding Members of Bravado Cooking for Men:

Chris, The Sommelier
Chris, The Sommelier
Andy, The Grillmaster
Andy, The Grillmaster
Patrick, The Rookie
Patrick, Rookie of the Year
Aaron, The Vegetarian
Aaron, Vegetarian Master

3 replies

  1. Thanks for the ride and will be interested in your website

  2. Hi, Bill:

    Saw your article on planting herbs in At The Lake Magazine for Lake Geneva, and hoped you were kind of local, because we’d like to invite you to a book signing…or whatever else you’d like to do. I’m writing on behalf of the Green Eyed Lady Fragrance Co. (formerly Scents & Sensibilities) in Lake Geneva. We are beginning the West End Porch Series, a series of readings, drama and informational talks this May at the porch in front of our shop, at 220 Cook St., under Bistro 220 (more information here: http://www.greeneyedladyfragrance.com/West-End-Summer-Porch-Series.html).

    If you’re interested or have questions, please call me at 773-220-9184. Thanks.

    Mark Stewart

  3. Hi Bill,
    I have misplaced the recipe for the mango soup. I think it was a page from a magazine. I know it had mango, lime juice and coconut milk but what else ? I looked on line but couldn’t find a similar one.
    Hope you are both well. Mtl. is cold and rainy!!

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